Re-entry of Sex Offenders

Re-entry of Sex Offenders

The re-entry of sex offenders is oftentimes associated with societal unrest, particularly when children have been the victims of their crimes. Each year, in the Netherlands approximately 700 sex offenders return from prison. Even though in most cases, re-entry takes place relatively unnoticed and typically does not cause any problems, several recent instances have led to societal upheaval.


At the Symposium ‘Re-entry of Sex Offenders’ on June 4, mayors, municipal security advisors, researchers and students convened to shed light on the best practices in re-entry of this special group. Speakers included Wouter Jong (Dutch Association of Mayors), Ron van Wonderen (Verwey-Jonker Institute), Wouter Kolff (Mayor of Veenendaal), Marije van der Laan (Prosecutor in district The Hague), Sylvia van Dartel (COSA / National Probation Services), Kayleigh Hendriks (CSM student) and Marieke Liem (Centre for Terrorism and Counterterrorism). The Symposium is one of the key activities of the Knowledge-network Collective Behaviour.

The Position Paper Re-entry of Sex offenders (in Dutch) reflects these best practices and the status quo of re-entry.

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